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Psychologist for Children

Our Work In Schools

Helping Children Understand their difficulties, Manage their emotions and Overcome their Fears

Therapy South Yorkshire,  can offer emotional and behavioural support for pupils within the school day. We are qualified professionals who have vast experience of working with primary and secondary pupils and pupils in specialist education provisions. 


Our services include:

Helping children if they have been experiencing any

  • Worry 

  • Anxiety/ Panic

  • Low self-esteem/ Self Doubt/ Low confidence

  • Self-harm

  • Low Mood

  • Anger/Frustration

  • Difficulty Identifying  their emotions 

  • Communication problems

  • Sense of Loss

  • Unhelpful thinking patterns 

We do this by

Providing 1-1 support sessions for children

  • Giving them an opportunity and time to talk 

  • Giving them an understanding of how they feel 

  • Giving them the opportunity for psychoeducation

  • Developing coping strategies.

  • Giving them the opportunity to  build confidence

  • Using CBT, DBT and mindfulness approaches

  • Available as half-day or full-day package

  • Working closely with schools, home and other external agencies to ensure each child is given the support they need to thrive. For example, we have been part of a pilot scheme to support looked after children with emotional and behavioural support through schools and with social care services.

All this can enable a child to feel

  •  More confident in identifying and expressing their emotions, anxieties and worries

  • Feel more able to relax and feel calmer

  • Feel more able to manage their mood and any frustrations

  •  Improve their communication with others.

  • More confident in taking on challenges to enable them to fulfil their potential

Other services include

  • Small group work

  • Staff Training/ INSET and Workshops for teachers

  • Workshops for Parents/Carers

This is all provided by staff who are 

  • Registered with the BABCP and BPS 

  • Fully insured, and DBS checked.


Feedback from previous interventions

"Thankyou so so much to Steph for taking on our expanding cohort of pupils who continue to need support and advice. As a school we have thrown so much your way over the past year or so and you have given our students skills which will hopefully support them through their darkest of days. We have seen first hand students using techniques and ways of coping which has been embedded by yourself. All of the students that are lucky enough to receive treatment from yourself speak about their sessions with confidence and praise. I know feedback from parents is also hugely positive. I know several would like to thank you personally, given the opportunity. It has been a very tricky time for so many of our students and you have offered some of them a much needed sanctuary within the school day. You really have made a positive difference to so many young lives and thankyou doesn't really seem enough.

"Amazing in-depth knowledge shared; lots of helpful information was engaging; have learnt lots and now feel more confident to help the children and myself".

"Fantastic training, I have learnt so much about mental health. I particularly enjoyed mindfulness activities."

"Enjoyed today's training very much, it made me think! Will be trying some of the techniques shown in my work and personal life. Many thanks"

If you would like to know more about how we can help your pupils and school community then please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email or telephone 07702 344208. 


Please also feel free to use to option to message below, we look forward to hearing from you.


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