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Therapy Session


Available both  Face to Face and online

Our main focus is providing individual therapy.  Treatments offered are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy (EMDR). Both of these treatments are NHS Nice guidelines and World Health Organisation approved treatments for anxiety-related problems such as Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety,  panic, PTSD, worry, trauma, OCD & low self-worth. They can also help with work-related stress and low mood and depression. 

We offer in-person appointments at our office which is at Century Business Centre, Manvers Way, Wath upon Dearne, S63 5DA.  

Usually, the first step would be to arrange the first assessment session where we could go into more detail about


1. The specific problems that you are experiencing.


2. What aims/goals you would have for the treatment. 


3. Create a treatment plan together to help work towards these aims/goals.

Once we have worked together on a treatment plan that you are happy with then we can start treatment appointments, working towards these goals at a pace you feel comfortable with. 

Please get in contact if you would like any more details or you want to book an appointment

The location of the therapy room is at  Century Business Centre, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 5DA

Fees & Details

Cost per session of CBT therapy & EMDR therapy start from £70 per session

Appointments are available from 9:30am - 5pm Monday-Friday 

Sessions last between 50-60 minutes. 


Reviews of treatment appointments

"Andrew is a fantastic person and has helped me immensely. I really cannot speak too highly of him and would recommend him every time. Andrew has brought me back to my old self, given me courage and confidence, thankyou Andrew" (Tracy)

"Thankyou for the support you gave me during the latter half of last year. I feel lucky to have been put in contact with someone with your skill and abilities. I feel that I have the tools now to deal with everything better." (Hilary) 


 "Andrew was kind, supportive, and listened intently. He gave me much to think over in the gaps between our conversations. We spoke as necessary without prejudice on many issues and shared discussions on psychology theory and learned experiences. He was most knowledgeable and I was impressed by his attention to detail and ability to judge how far to push boundaries. I was comfortable and I felt it was a pleasure to speak with him and I valued his intervention. I now look to the future and not the past and can do so with confidence.  (Ron)

"Andrew is a very understanding and approachable therapist, we have had excellent results and I would recommend his approach to anyone" (John)

If you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email or telephone 07985 938096

Please feel free to use the contact us box below

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